Apparently this is home now

A lot has changed in the past year – it’s funny how that continues to happen.

Last year, I moved to this exotic little town where I really fell in love with New Zealand. I admired the “mountain” (a volcano named Mt Taranaki) that played hide-and-seek with the grey clouds above; and my eyes grew soft for the Tasman sea that crashed violently against the coast. There were rolling hills of green farm land between pockets of small neighboring towns that made me feel like I was actually in this unique little country.

But it wasn’t an easy year.

Maybe it was the new place with no friends, maybe it was because I was on my own, maybe because things were changing back home and I felt the utter isolation of being across the globe.

I gave up on my beautiful but freezing little ice box I called home – a one-bedroom apartment right by the sea – and moved in with roommates (flatmates) to save some money.

Suddenly, my life ramped up…

I made some friends.

I went on more adventures.

I bought a car.


And, I got my residency.

So I guess this home? It’s not really my home, just yet – but it’s a nice little spot to call home for now. And I’d say I’m quite happy about my life in Taranaki.


Until next time



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