BEEing Brave & Facing Fears

So today I faced one of my biggest fears: buzzing busy bees.

The best joys of my job are when I am tasked with a story that puts me in an unusual work setting. I’ve pet farm animals, smelt the stench of seals, listened to the creativity of interesting community members, and even jumped an electric fence in gumboots.

I know, you’re jealous.

But today, I did something so out of the ordinary for myself that if you told me just a year ago I would be staring into the vastness of humming bees, I would laugh. Actually, maybe I would cry.

If you know me, I have probably told you about my severe allergy to a simple sting of the fuzzy little insect.

For those of you who don’t: The first and only time I have been stung, I wound up in the hospital with a doctor threatening to chop my tiny arm off. Thankfully my mother loaded me up with Benadryl and shoved my swollen limb in a bucket of ice water until it went back to normal.

Anyway, I met a hobbyist beekeeper today. Not only did she share interesting facts about bees, like they have facial recognition and don’t like the smell of bananas, but she also had a spare suit for me to zip on and get up close.

It was insane.

My body was stiff as I inched closer to the buzzing sound and the woman assured me I was safe in my outfit.

“Just don’t stand directly in front of the entrance.”


I peered in from the side as this woman pulled out little slats from the hive, thousands upon thousands of anxious little critters walked around the comb, flew up at our face or just hung out waiting for us to walk away.

Feeling a bit invincible, I even reach out and tried to have one land on my gloved finger. He didn’t care to.

Despite the constant feeling of nonexistent creepy crawlers, I think I did OK.

And after the interview, the woman passed along a massive amount of honey and some crystallised comb that was shared with the office, naturally.

So, pat on the back to facing my fears. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get my own bees one day.

Probably not.


PS. Here’s the story (BONUS: there’s a quiz in there)


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