Get a grip

I think I am getting a better hold on Kiwi life. Well, I haven’t quite grasped how you do laundry in the rainy months. This became frustratingly apparent last weekend when the sun teased me and the wind brought in fierce clouds that just wanted to unleash their angry droplets of water.

Still, a vast improvement from my time in Auckland back in December.

I was staying at an Airbnb and the host had set out a jar of freeze-dried coffee, which I was unfamiliar with at the time. Every morning, I would put several scoops of coffee into the kettle and bring it to a boil. Not knowing this was NOT how to make coffee in the morning,  a house guest that joined my little abode had quickly pointed out my idiocy to the host.

Now, I never met this other person. (The closest we got to seeing each other was the faint image of a human being disappearing behind a closing door.) However, I didn’t like this person. Simply because I felt like a complete moron when the host left a passive aggressive note directing me to never put coffee in the kettle.

Looking back, I realise how ridiculous that was. But, at that time, I was just making coffee the good ‘ole American way. Now, I make my crappy cup of coffee the Kiwi way: Stirring in a teaspoon while grumbling in slight disdain.

And yes, I spelled “realise” with an “s”. Now that I am writing for a local paper, I’ve gotten used to spelling things… differently. I would say correctly or properly, but most of you reading this will smack me upside my head. Though, when I scroll through my Facebook feed, I often stop and think words are misspelled. I guess I’ve really adjusted to certain things over here.

Now, to figure out how to dry clothes faster than hanging them over a heater for a few days..



Until then,



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