An Easter Outing

Lately my life feels like Rihanna’s Work Song.. only the literal meaning of “work work work,” not the fun, sexy way Rihanna sings about. (Warning: link is an explicit music video.) 

Needless to say, I have been feeling a little down recently. Not because of work, but because Dan and I don’t have days off together which means we haven’t had any explorations as of late.

On Easter Sunday, Dan didn’t have work until 5pm and I had the day off. So, we decided to visit the Christchurch Art Gallery. Luckily, it was a free entrance day! Smaller than anticipated, we walked through the gallery in about an hour. It was great though!

My favorite exhibit was pip & pop, an Australian artist who creates scenes of imaginary worlds using sugar, glitter, candy and an array of craft materials and small objects.


Her work is magical and forces you to entertain your inner-child voice, screaming, “PLEASE LET ME TOUCH IT!” Don’t touch it though. Seriously.



The pip & pop exhibit was perfect for Easter. Colorful, bright, mystical.

I’m not one for Easter, I should add. However, this exhibit was just so cool and it helped remind me that I was fortunate to explore somewhere new with Dan, on a day I’d usually be at work.

After we wandered around the rest of the gallery, we walked to a nearby restaurant to grab some lunch.

I had wanted to check out The Villas, so I was excited we were finally going to try it out.

photo credit:

Looking over the menu, we were excited to see some reasonable prices for a change. Dan was especially excited about this.

I ordered a mimosa (the server had no clue what that was) and eggs benedict and smiled at the possibility of taking a nap.


It turns out we just have to take advantage of our overlapping time off. We can make it work, work, work, work, work!


Until next time,



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