Being Adults & Heroes

So, Christchurch is going well. We really like it here. We have our own little studio on the beach! It’s adorable. Has everything we need, including a back patio. We couldn’t be happier.


For those of you who did not know we were in Christchurch, please refer to this post. I know very, very few of you have read it!




The location is just a walk from the beach and just 30 minutes from downtown.

We’re tucked in right around there – Between the ocean and a lake!

The previous tenant lived here for just a few weeks, fully furnishing the place, before he had to leave. We bought everything off of him, including his camper van.

2015-12-31 13.26.38.jpg
Miss Ezzie

Her name is Esmerelda. She’s a little old and definitely needs some new shock absorbers.. but we just love her.


Before we moved into our beach studio, we were staying in a house with other travelers. The place was just okay. There was a trailer outside with a bed, two bedrooms and a dorm room. So, there could be up to 10 people staying in that house with only one bathroom and, as Dan liked to often point out, “only two bowls!”

There was a nice, but rather odd, older gentleman named Steve. Steve would come around every day and let out the chickens, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, etc. I would occasionally chat with him, but not long.

A few trees outside produced apples and plums and we were often encouraged to take as much as we wanted. One day, I even assisted in gathering several large bowls worth of plums.

It wasn’t much to write about as it remained rather uneventful, except for one thing…


One day, our roommate, Alex, got home from work and says he’s got a weird bite. He lifts his leg and grabs the back of his thigh to show me this swollen, red area with a bump. He continues on about how he tried to pop it, but nothing will come out and it just burns. He tells us he think maybe it was a spider bite.

After a few times of telling him to go get it checked, he decides if it gets worse, he would. I gave him some bandaids, anti-itch cream and ibuprofen and then joked that if he needs to go to the hospital, to let us know.

The following day, Alex gets back from work and is in a fury. He’s slamming things and telling us the bite is worse; he had left work to go to his doctor’s after a coworker said it might be a white tail bite1 and that his skin would start rotting off. Worried, he rushed to his doctor’s who then refused to see him as they were busy. He showed them the bite and they began to look up his name to get him seen, but “casual patient” popped up and they refused.

He was extremely angry with the way he was treated and came home. Dan and I insisted we take him to the hospital, so the three of us jumped in Ezzie and headed out.

When we arrived in ER, Alex was limping with pain. He was immediately brought in and within an hour, he was back out. He had a faint smile on his face and told us the visit was completely free. (Crazy, right? That would never happen back home… )

With some antibiotics and bandages, Alex would be just fine.



Other than that, Dan and I have just been putting our lives together. Currently hunting for jobs with some good leads, and hoping to choose the perfect spot!


Wish us luck as our adventure continues.


Until next time,




1 Alex never found out what type of spider bite it was, but the doctors and nurses agreed that he came in at the right time. It was going to get much worse. The redness was starting to follow the track of his veins and we all know that isn’t a good sign..


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