A Brief Recap

Well, Merry Christmas!

Today is the day after Christmas here and I decided I should take advantage of having wifi again and update everyone on our adventures after Nelson.

Dan and I drove 11.5 hours South to get to Queenstown, where we stayed for a few days to get a “feel” for the city. We thought we would really love it there, but we didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, it was stunningly beautiful, but there isn’t much to do outside the crazy, adrenaline activities.


Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world. It is filled with some of the most ridiculous activities you can imagine. For example: River Surfing. That’s a thing. It is exactly what it sounds like. It looks absolutely insane and dangerous and if that’s up your alley, then Queenstown is the only place you can do it.

I am going to fast forward through our time here and just quickly talk about what we did in order to get to the good part…

We walked around Wanaka, which is just an hour’s drive up the mountain from Queenstown. Here, we did a small hike and then visited Puzzling World.

The view of Lake Wanaka from our hike.

Puzzling World was actually pretty cool. My favorite part was this heavily tilted room that was almost impossible to keep a balance in. We did part of the maze, but soon decided we didn’t care…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Queenstown, you have the option to do the luge. This isn’t a typical luge; they made this one family-friendly. It was basically like real-life Mario Kart.

It was awesome.


We really enjoyed looking at our pictures after each run.

Dan had the biggest smiles on his face while he zipped around corners down this gorgeous landscape.

2015-12-18 18.59.41


The views from the top weren’t half bad, either.




Lastly, we walked around the gardens.

Big Tree, Little Person
2015-12-17 23.48.35
His tie matched the roses.


Alright that basically sums up Queenstown.

Now, for the cool part!






Dan went bungy jumping!




Brave, Handsome Dan jumped off of New Zealand’s highest bungy at 134 meters!! (That’s about 440 feet!)




Of course he did it in a tie. Are you surprised?




He got to experience 8.5 seconds of free fall. Which is insane.




I mean, seriously. Look at all that rope!




This is probably my favorite picture. I wonder what was going through his head..


Below you will find a video of the jump. It’s pretty cool. I suggest taking a look.





Until next time,



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