Spontaneous Stand-Up Show

photo courtesy: concreteplayground.com

Walking down Ponsonby (see below), Dan and I realized this place isn’t what it used to be. We were expecting odd shops with quirky items for sale. Funny signs or bright lights… something to make it stand out. However, the street has changed to a more hipster street. Only, less cool. Expensive shops with designer clothes and high-priced art pieces filled the street. It was also a Sunday and everything was closed by the time we made it that way.


Luckily, we passed by a restaurant that claimed to have the “Best Pub Food on Ponsonby.” Dan and I exchanged looks; seems like our kind of place!

After walking down the remaining road, we decided to turn around and get some food. We looked around at the decor and admired the beach umbrellas that hung over the wooden booths. The place is Little Easy and we were sure happy to have stumbled upon it.

They were having $10 (NZD) Burgers and $7.50 Draughts. Deal!

As we enjoyed our meal, a gentleman approached us and invited us to join them for their stand-up comedy night upstairs. After finishing our food, we decided, ‘Why not!?’ and headed up. The entry was only $10 and there was plenty of room to grab a seat.

The show began around 8PM (midnight, the day before, in Denver!) and included a few newer comics followed by a break and finished with more experienced comics.

The show was great! And, we got picked on for being from the States. It was all in good fun and we shared a lot of laughs.

One of my favorite parts was when the featured comedian was performing, he asked my name.

Brittany? And you have blonde hair? How more American can you get!?”


“Dan! DAN! Three letters like U-S-A!” He says, counting with his fingers and with one leg posted up on the bench as if he were conquering the land.

A woman off to the side says, “Why is he wearing that?” as she gestures towards Dan and his suit. The comedian stands up for Dan and asks why she’s dressed from the 80s. The crowd laughs.

“I have a job.” She replies in a snarky tone. (We had established we were in NZ for a year and had not gotten jobs just yet.)

“Well, maybe he’s dressed up because he’s waiting for a job to fall out of the sky! That happens for white men. Jobs just falling out of the sky, hitting you in the face like, ‘Sales exec? Sure! C.E.O.? Why not!'” Everyone laughs.

He continues, “Maybe after he gets a job, he’ll start dressing like crap, like you!”

The crowd Oooooh!‘s.

“I think he looks very nice.” The comedian finishes before moving on.


After the show, we caught a bus back to our AirB&B and called it a good night.


So far, loving Auckland.

Until next time,



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