Would You Kindly STFU?

I am surprised at how many people do not understand common courtesy when it comes to closing doors in the morning while others are sleeping. Growing up, I feared my mother if I accidentally closed something too loudly. I was shown how to properly apply pressure to a door while closing to avoid the loud BANG.

Around 7:22 AM, people were fumbling around the 10-bed room and were pulling the door closed so loudly, I laid there twitching trying to avoid jumping down from the top bunk and hitting them on the top of their sleepy heads.

One particular girl was stomping about the room and slamming the door several times before she re-entered and left the door wide open, allowing the AC to rush out and the light to burst in, ruining the last of everyone’s dreams. I sat up and made eye contact, as if to say: “Really?” Climbed down the awkward ladder and closed the door, quietly.

Dan says it’s because she’s British.

After a cup of coffee and some odd fruit,1 Dan and I walked down to the Teatro Heredia to take a peek inside and ask for tickets to see a show. However, it was closed. As it was the last two times we visited. This place hates us.


photo courtesy: adventuresinfoodandculture.com

One day.


Yesterday, we walked around the Castillo de San Felipe and thoroughly enjoyed touring the endless, windy tunnels and snapping photos of the Colombian flag proudly waving over the view of the city.

As we walked back towards the hostel, we passed through Torre del Reloj, which is a beautiful structure that contrasts wonderfully with the bright blue skies.

Clock Tower

See? So pretty!

After a much needed fill of leftover green pasta, we booked our trip to the Mud Volcano (for today) and a roundtrip bus to Playa Blanca (for tomorrow), where we will stay the night on the beach.

I am so very excited to sleep by the water in a hammock and not listen to the British girl chewing with her mouth open and recapping the line she just heard from her Netflix show.


Until next time!


1 Turns out it was just a tasteless papaya.


2 thoughts on “Would You Kindly STFU?

  1. Fucking British.. they are the worst. Aussies however are the best!!! Might be moving to Australia for a few months starting in January.


    1. HAHA! I do not think Brits are bad. Just like Americans, or any nationality, there are going to be jerks!
      Australia?! YES! You will be so close to NZ! Let’s meet up. 🙂


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