A Slight Delay

I am sitting here in the AC on my top bunk bed thinking about those little moments in Puerto Rico that I did not write down.


The AC reads “23”… Celcius? Oh yeah. I forget the rest of the world worked like this.

There are 10 beds in this room. One man is laying down with his arms crossed, staring at the bed above him. His name is Peter and he is from Poland. He’s a nice guy, but a tad awkward. There are two boys to my right talking in French, but they are from Canada. They’re nice, but young. They were very curious about Colorado and marijuana and whether or not Dan and I partook. We explained that not everyone in Colorado is a stoner.

Dan is off somewhere. Brushing his teeth? Showering? I hope so. He’s a teeny bit stinky.1

The point of this post? I just want to recap our trip from Puerto Rico. I know I have incessantly posted pictures, but nothing is better than the written word. But before I begin2, I would like to recap this morning:

Dan and I woke up around 8:00 AM. We were told the hostel has free breakfast until 10. So we lay in bed for an hour; I was updating my reviews on Trip Advisor3 and Dan was researching this trek (also on Trip Advisor). He peered up over the bunk and whispers, “You should read these reviews. It seems it is very difficult and a lot of people get sick. Like, a lot, a lot.”
This trek is a 4, 5 or 6 day intense hike to the “Lost City.” Just about every review mentions a violent intestinal virus that results in hikers having a very un-fun time hiking up steep hills for 6 hours a day. Not to mention a fever in the grueling heat of the day and asshole mosquitoes at night. Naturally, we decided we won’t go.

Around 10 after 9, Dan and I walked out of our room and over towards the commons area where we found two bowls of freshly cut watermelon and cantaloupe, two tall containers of cereal, a large, glass dispenser of milk, another full of OJ4, and a huge pile of sliced bread for toast. Oh! And two enormous dispensers of hot, Colombian coffee.

We made our plates of toast and fruit and headed for a communal table. I peeled back the foil from the little butter container and noticed it was pure goo. The heat in Colombia makes for melted butter. Which is awesome. I love butter.

As we sat down with our second serving of toast, and Dan grabbed some cereal, one of our roommates came to join our table. We talked of our plans for Playa Blanca and how we were disappointed that the Parque Tayrona was closed for the month of November. (Look up this place, fall in love, and go visit. It looks AWESOME!)

We finished our breakfast and I went back to the room to sit in the AC and be inspired to write this blog that I originally told people I wouldn’t do. I thought I wouldn’t have time. Now, I realize, there will be days that go by that I won’t. But, there will be days that I do, and the days that I do should be spent sharing the small details of our travels.

It is already 11 AM and we have yet to figure out what we are doing today. I should research a thing or two instead of making Dan do all the work.

Until next time,



1 I get stinky, too. We are traveling. It happens.

2 I changed my mind on writing about Puerto Rico after realizing this one was plenty long for a first post. Next time guys..

3 I never knew I would be a reviewer. But, as a traveler, it is nice to help inform other travelers. Plus, we get points. Don’t know what for, but we get them!

4 Dan corrected me several times that it was Tang, NOT orange juice.


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